Orange Juices Flowing

Orange Juices Flowing

Insights about the most popular breakfast bev are sure to get your creative juices flowing... about how best to replace OJ with something else.


The Current Pickle

That's right, we said REPLACE. YOUR. OJ. We've grown up thinking it's the perfect breakfast drink (or brunch mixer), loaded with nutrients like Vitamin C! Well, turns out it's also loaded with sugar - almost the same amount as soda (5 to 8 teaspoons per tiny 8 oz cup). While there is a lot of Vitamin C in that cup, it's way healthier to eat the whole orange than a glass of orange juice: with the single fruit, your chewing helps you feel full, you're getting fewer calories per volume, and all the healthy stuff that got filtered out in the juicing process stays intact (like fiber, antioxidants, phytonutrients).  Eating whole fruit is associated with a reduced (or neutral) risk of diabetes, but drinking fruit juice is associated with an increased risk.


But OJ doesn't just put us in a human health Pickle. Every time you purchase a product from Minute Maid, Simply Orange (both owned by Coca-Cola) or Tropicana (owned by PepsiCo), you are supporting an orange-growing process that includes a ton of fertilizer.


By using fertilizer, orange growers are increasing the carbon footprint of your OJ by 140%. Here at The Pickle, we care a lot about the environment, and we want to encourage you to buy products that don't have an unreasonable carbon footprint. (Find out more about your carbon footprint!)


One third of the oranges coming out of Florida go to Pepsi and Coke, so you have buying power to decrease your sugar intake, decrease your carbon footprint, and make a different choice - find organic orange juice if you have a hankering for a treat!

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What’s the Dillio with Concentrate?

Let's clear up what concentrate actually means.

The Hot Pickle

We know you've probably just once tried to drink some OJ after brushing your teeth. Turns out there are researchers devoted to trying to figure out why the toothpaste + OJ combo is so bad


If you're gonna treat yo-self (maybe as dessert before your bedtime brush sesh?), aim for some of Uncle Matt's or Evolution Fresh: small portions, from organic oranges.