Magic Beans

Magic Beans

This week we learned that beans really are magical: they can help us save the planet.Nervous about eating more beans? Don't be. We're going to get to the root of your toot so you are feelin' fantastic about "thos beans."

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The Current Pickle

Our planet is in a pickle: temperatures are rising, and scientists attribute part of that to greenhouse gases. So we were psyched to learn that food-hero researchers have proven if Americans replace their beef with beans, we’ll be able to meet the 2020 greenhouse gas emission goals even if we made no other changes


This means you can keep on keepin’ on with everything else you eat! Just swap the beef with beans, and you’re fighting climate change. Boom.

We know, beef loving friends: sounds easier said than done. But beans have actually been shown to be MORE satisfying than meat—and can help with weight loss.

Rice + beans or veggies + hummus are both equations of bean protein bliss

Rice + beans or veggies + hummus are both equations of bean protein bliss

Still not convinced?

Beans are flavorful, nutritionally dense, inexpensive and versatile. Just a few of the proven health benefits of eating beans on the reg:

  • cancer risk reduction
  • coronary artery disease risk reduction
  • lower body weight
  • smaller waist circumference
  • lower blood pressure

“But beans make me gassy! ” you say? 💨 Whether you’re concerned about the environment or your housemates, don’t be!

For the environment, we may not be expert flatologists, but we're certain that the increase in human methane output as a result of eating more beans will be minimal compared with the current amount of flatulence coming out of cow feedlots. (Fun fact: it’s the cow burps and not the farts that have the most methane.) 🐄

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As far as your housemates are concerned, more beans doesn’t have to mean more toots! Get your gut into tip-top digestive shape: if you slowly increase your intake of beans, your gut bacteria will evolve too and you’ll pare down your gas-producing proclivity. Your housemates will thank us. 👊

But we digress about how you digest...

What’s the Dillio with Canned vs. Dry Beans?

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All things being equal (no added fat, sugar, or salt), nutritional values of canned and dry beans are the same.

But what about taste, price, and convenience?? Our friends at The KitchnBon AppetitTasting Table and Organic Authority say dry comes out on top, and we concur!

Dry beans win overwhelmingly on taste and typically price, though they lose a few points for convenience, as they require soaking and cooking (overnight soaking shortens the simmer time, and helps remove some of the indigestible sugars that cause flatulence).

If you’re looking for a fast fix, reach for canned—they're already cooked! Just remember:

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Either way, you’ve got a lot of fun options to choose from—about 40,000 in fact! Here are some of our faves:

Don’t worry about organic (canned or dry) unless you like to buy organic everything. Our pal Christina does a good job of breaking down the must-buys in organic, and beans fall low on the list. Save your organic buying dollars for the dirty dozen!

The Hot Pickle


Bill was on-trend thinking about 'thos Beans.' The United Nations dubbed 2016 the International Year of Pulses, and the little guys aren’t showing signs of slowing.

You might say beans

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Get wild experimenting with new bean varieties today and turn them into tacossoupsdips...even smoothies and desserts. Cook up a bean burger that feels and tastes like meat, and let your friends think it's magic.


If you’re out and about, quite a few national chains have started to offer bean-based options, including a black bean burger at Johnny Rockets! 🍔

Also magic? Turning beans into brownies.

International inspo: channel the Brits and concoct a beans-on-toast magical meal.

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Remember to go slow with the bean consumption if you’re not used to it, so your friends don’t break into song when you’re around—

🎶 Beans, beans, the musical fruit

The more you eat, the more you toot 🎶

—and instead do as we do, and wish you a cool beans kind of day.

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