Cheddar Cheese Please!

Happy Macaroni and Cheese Day!

...Almost! National Mac ‘n’ Cheese Day is tomorrow, July 14th, but The Pickle is here to help get you ready by covering the best cheese to use in your mac…cheddar!


The Current Pickle

Food is subject to politics, and not even our precious cheddar is safe. This past spring, alarms were sounded about Brexit possibly causing a UK cheddar shortage. It’s still too early to tell for the Brits, but it’s nice to be in America, home of surplus everything, including dairy (N.B. we’re NOT down with dumping that excess, and applaud the farmers who donated some of it to a local food bank).

While we’re on the topic, though, let’s give it up to those clever Brits, whom we have to thank for cheddar in the first place.👏

The ‘cheddar’ in cheddar cheese comes from the village in England where it was invented. As time went on, the unique process for making this cheese became known as 'cheddaring.' We could explain the steps of the cheddar method, but it’s way more interesting to watch in action! 

Today, most cheddar in America is mass produced (left/top), but some domestic cheesemakers are sticking with old-school methods to produce handmade wheels (right/bottom).

Untitled design (4).png

Mass produced and handmade cheddar include the same ingredients (typically milk, salt, enzymes and cultures) and are the same nutritionally. Usually handmade cheddar has more complex flavors and tends to be drier than the mass produced cheddar.

While we encourage purchasing cloth bound, handmade cheddar when you can, both for the more complex flavor and to support smaller cheesemakers, sometimes a more cost-efficient and readily available cheddar is required.

What’s the Dillio with Choosing Your Cheddar?

Facing the cheese section in your local grocery store might look something like this:

A little overwhelming, right? Don’t worry, we’re here to break it down for you so you can get here faster:


The Hot Pickle

Okay, now you are definitely ready to celebrate #NationalMacandCheeseDay. Ditch the boxed macaroni and cheese, this holiday calls for cooking up some mac from scratch! Here are some recipes to get you going: