Beef Is In A Pickle

The Current Pickle

The American diet has shifted: we are consuming way less beef than a decade ago. Sounds like good news to us! But beware: McDonald's is trying to lure us back to the beef with fresh patty promises. They have plans to make their Quarter Pounder fresh not frozen in the US by next year. 

Even though we aren't digging on beef these days, McDonald's (and our cattle ranchers) may not have reason to despair, as beef is the largest overseas market for the US. Japan continues to be the largest importer of US beef (yup, even though they keep 90% of the Kobe), and pressure is mounting for China to get in on this. China stopped importing our beef 14 ago after the threat of mad cow disease, and they are just loving on beef these days

SO it should come as no surprise that McDonald's recently took on new partners in China, aiming to better understand their market. Is China just going to be buying American beef to feed their McDonald's obsession? Do they not see how this turned out for us? :-O

What’s the Dillio with Grass-Fed Beef?

Grass-fed beef means the cattle grew up solely on grass alone. If it was finished with grain (most conventional and many organic cattle are), you might see the label “grain-fed” or “grain-finished."
In terms of health benefits, it's simple: you want beef from the animal that ate as much grass as possible. In general, it will be have less bad fats, full of more omega-3 fatty acids, and more antioxidants. It will not have had antibiotics or growth hormones over the course of its life. And you know what? It may even taste better because it had less stress while alive.

So this weekend, for Earth Day, don't plant a a burger! Find a restaurant (or farm!) in your area that serves or sells the meat from a regenerative family farm, where the cattle and land work together to maintain a healthy soil and a healthy ecosystem. We know Stemple CreekLongwood FarmMeat Riot (CSA), Mahaffey FarmsNapa Grass FarmersTell us about one in your area!

The Hot Pickle

You've probably already heard about our President's affinity for ketchup with his steak. We won't judge. But if you have the same such affinity, please use The Pickle-approved Sir Kensington's ketchup and make it a grass-fed steak.

And if you still haven't had enough beef and you're seeking something other than Cherkees, head over to Nick’s Sticks for their grass-fed beef sticks. Woo! ... we mean Moo!!