What Is Up With Wheat?

What Is Up With Wheat?

The Current Pickle

Blame it on the weather. France and Germany had poor wheat harvests this year, so some folks are freaking out about the low European stock of wheat.


In the meantime, Americans are planting less wheat and more soy.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


AND researchers may have found a link between a common virus and gluten intolerance. The verdict is still out. But this could mean we may need to plant more wheat next year. Just sayin'. 


BTW, if you've ever wondered about a gluten-free lifestyle, maybe Kourtney Kardashian can help.

What's the Dillio With Whole Grains?

You grab "whole grain" bread at the store and think you're eating healthy carbs, right? Not so fast. Even though it says "whole grain," unless it says "100% whole grain," chances are you're getting scammed. Look at the ingredient list or Whole Grains badge and look for the "100%" and avoid the word "refined."

Whole grain wheat products are significantly more nutritious when the grain is left 100%, so this matters. The Whole Grains Council tells us more.

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The Hot Pickle

If you haven't heard about Bunny Butt cakes, time to get your head out of the rabbit hole. Get inspired here

If your ambitions fall a bit lower, try Sweet Lauren's Cookie Dough: The Pickle-approved and no refined wheat!