We Got Milk!

We Got Milk!

We Got Milk!


The Current Pickle

Dairy farmers are hopping on the non-GMO bandwagon by getting a certification for their milk. This certification only tells you whether the cow has been eating non-GMO feed, not whether the cow itself has been genetically modified

BUT since the genome was mapped in 2009, genetic breeding done on dairy cattle has allowed farmers to get their cows to produce more milk. Like 2,000 more pounds of milk a year. Yikes.

We have to wonder: who is benefiting from this extra milk production when millennials are currently drinking less milk? And projected to be drinking even less milk by 2020... 


What’s the Dillio with Dairy Pride?

Where is your Dairy Pride? No, this is not a chance to buy a fun pin with a picture of a happy cow.

This is actually the title of legislation introduced by a Wisconsin senator to restrict the use of the "milk" label to only that which comes from a cow. Sheep, goat, and plant milk would be considered in violation of these proposed labeling laws. Soy Juice, anyone? 


If you feel kinda crappy after drinking dairy milk, you may be lactose intolerant, which means your body can't digest the natural milk sugars. If you're still adamant about drinking dairy milk, find a lactose-free milk. If you want to avoid dairy milk, no problem: buy one of the new plant-based "milks" (sorry, Dairy Pride) and feel better!

It's up to you to decide which one is best, but in general look for unsweetened varieties or make your own, it's super easy! 

The Hot Pickle


For all the Peeps you have leftover from Easter, try out this Peepshake recipe with a milk of your choosing. Because unicorn milkshakes are so two weeks ago.